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Within the last 12 years I created more than 15 games with more than 60 million players. Most of the games we kicked out early but the most successful ones are still live. We improved the games over years, added features and levels and made them highly profitable. I learned a lot about users' motivation, emphasy and the right moment to present a payment offer they can't resist.
Creating a game is very complex. It has to be easy to understand but hard to master. The balancing should be hard enough to be a challenge but not to hard to frustrate players. We want users to stay, we want them to leave and to come back. We want to create pressure but not too much. And we want them to spend money. It's a challenge but we did it.
It's challenging and fullfilling working on products used by millions of users. Every change has a huge impact, good to know how for the better. Let the users do what you want without letting them know.
60 M
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